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April 10, 2017

What To Expect When You Sail From St Helena Island?

If you are visiting areas in Queensland, this is one historic island that will surely be a stop for you. It is located in the Moreton Bay area. If one hires a boat or yacht, it is convenient to sail to this island that now houses a National Park. This area had a colonial prison in olden times whose remnants can be explored by visitors to the island. The Queensland prison that stood here was a maximum security prison. Today the rich history of the island lures many tourists to this place. 

How to get there?

One way of visiting this place would be to sail with a boat or yacht charter. Indeed, many who plan to celebrate special events hire vessels for enjoyment such as hens party boat. They club tours in the surrounding areas along with party events. You could make a similar plan with friends and family. If you are visiting Moreton Bay, it is easy to opt for a charter boat rental in this area. With several options to look at, it is easy to book as per your budget, needs and group size and set off to visit this island.

Different kinds of tours

If you want a guided tour of the island, that is also possible aboard a sailing vessel. You will be taken to different areas including St Helena Island. This could be part of a day tour which includes a trip to the island, guide tour of the different places to see and discover here and amenities as well as refreshments to avail of a board such guided charter vessels. If you opt for Brisbane Xmas cruises such trips could also have a stopover on the island that adds a different flavor to this special occasion. If you are traveling from nearby cities like Brisbane, you will surely like the idea of a bay cruise in this area. It will help you discover the dark past of this island during colonial times and know this side of the country’s history.

Making the necessary arrangements

It is easy to explore your options with online directories. There is a reputed catamaran service in this area that has different packages for booking. You can easily plan a trip with your friends or corporate group and make it a party event as well. With full fledged party service on board, selection of wines and other liquors to choose from as well as party menus on offer, all you need to do is choose the right package or details and seek a booking online.

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